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EPP Version 1.4 – English – Modified 08/29/15

Enhanced Privacy Policy
This is a sub-agreement as part of a Master Service Agreement (MSA) that establishes and regulates the relationship between SWISSLAYER and its customers. All customers ordering and/ or using SWISSLAYER services must agree to be bound by the MSA. The MSA can be found at:

Master Service Agreement

What information do we collect?
At the time of ordering or registering on our site, SWISSLAYER collects various forms of information from its customers when placing an order. At the time of ordering or registering on our site, as needed, you will be asked to enter the following necessary information as per our policies: Personal Name, Company Name, Phone Number, E-mail Address, and Mailing Address.

It is our policy, that SWISSLAYER does not collect or store any customer credit card details on our web site; this is a security precaution for our customers.

What other information are we entrusted with?
SWISSLAYER, as an internet service provider, is technically entrusted with your company’s  sensitive and important data, which is including but not limited to: server content files, storage area network files databases, browsing histories, electronic mail, Virtual Private Network access logs, as well as any and all information that is stored, uploaded, or collected automatically by our products.

What do we use your information for?
Any information collected upon becoming a customer or placing an order may be used in the standard operations of our company, SWISSLAYER, when contacting you regarding billing, technical, network, or any possible abuse issues. The entrusted information regarding your service will never be used except in the rare cases of investigating abuse issues. In the case of abuse issues, the information will only be used INTERNALLY within SWISSLAYER.

How do we protect the information that we collect when you become a customer?
A variety of security measures are executed to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order, modify, submit, enter, or access your private personal information.

SWISSLAYER offers the 24/7 use of a secure server. All supplied credit information is sensitive and private. Such information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then subsequently encrypted into the SWISSLAYER database to be only accessed by authorized personnel whom have special access rights to our systems, and are required, by law, to keep the information confidential.

If at any time you choose to cancel your account with SWISSLAYER, your personal and private information will not be kept on file with SWISSLAYER for more than 30 days after the cancellation.

Regional Internet Registries
As per law requirements, SWISSLAYER must disclose certain customer data when requested by Regional Internet Registries (such as LACNIC and/or RIPE) for the purpose of IP allocations and justifications. By default, any and all information provided to us in an order is used with these parties. If you would like to provide a valid alternate address; that can be done by sending an email to:

Do we disclose any information to outside private parties?
SWISSLAYER does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information that is collected when you place an order for our products, except for the Regional Internet Registries mentioned above. SWISSLAYER does not use any vendors or consultants that require access to our customer’s information.

All employees of SWISSLAYER, before entering into employment, are required to read and sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that prohibits the disclosure of confidential customer information during employment, as well as after they cease to be employed by SWISSLAYER.

Furthermore, SWISSLAYER never allows any vendors or service providers direct access to our client information or data. Prior to entering into business with SWISSLAYER all vendors and service providers must sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement that prohibits disclosure of confidential client information that could possibly be collected during the course of servicing SWISSLAYER.

Do we disclose any information to outside legal parties?
SWISSLAYER does not and will not disclose any information that we collect or that is entrusted to us to any attorneys, law firms, courts, or law enforcement agencies unless otherwise presented with an official court order executed by a judge or magistrate within the the Swiss Confederation or the Republic of Panama.

Public Debate Clause
If in the event that any of our customer’s happen to directly engage in what is considered a “Public Debate” in an Internet Forum in the form of “Service Review,” “Online Review,” or any other possible comments regarding the service that SWISSLAYER provides to all of its customers. SWISSLAYER reserves the right to disclose any and all information (with or without the consent of the customer) relevant to the public debate at its discretion in order to adequately defend its reputation as a service provider in the community and as a brand name.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
As always, SWISSLAYER reserves the right to change its privacy policy. If any changes  should occur, we will post those changes on the links from our main pages.

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